The Big Bonus To Having Professional Headshots

I hate having my picture taken. I hated it when I was younger and I hate it more now that I’m older. I will avoid it at any cost. But that’s hard to do when you run an Internet based business and that photo is part of what might be the first … [Read more]

Why That Resume Won’t Get You The Job

Not once in my career did my resume get me a job. Not once. And I’ve landed some pretty good jobs. That’s not to say I didn’t have a resume. I did and I still do. They’re necessary and it’s always a good idea to keep it updated and ready to go for … [Read more]

5 Secrets To Effectively Work From Home

My home has been my office for seven years now. I’ve created a lot in the corner of my living room that has been sectioned off as my work space. Two books. A blog. A website. A consultancy. Expertise in digital strategy, social media and content … [Read more]