Why You Don’t Need A Personal Brand

You don’t need a personal brand. Yes, I did just write that. Me, who among other talents and skills, include personal branding expert in their portfolio. And I’m serious. You don’t need one. For one simple reason. You already have one. … [Read more]

What A Snow Day Means To The Self-Employed

  I write this on what will be called from this day forward, The Blizzard of 2016. The only sounds interrupting my writing this morning are the wind gusting by the window and the heat hissing through the baseboard. The social networks are full … [Read more]

8 Quotes By Women That Will Motivate And Inspire

I love quotes. Especially the inspiring kind. The ones that make me stop and pause and I can feel resonating within me. I love quotes so much that I keep a special notebook in which I write them down and can go to when I need a little inspiration to … [Read more]

My Marketing Predictions For 2016

I just googled ‘2016 predictions’. I got 185,000,000 results, 149,000,000 if I google ‘predictions for 2016.’ The results were everything from technology, business, politics, Oscars, winter weather, and of course digital marketing trends. We’re a … [Read more]