The Latest Trend In Mobile Marketing?

I get ideas. I let them percolate.  I threaten that one day soon I will put the idea into action. Sometimes I talk about them for a while. Sometimes the while is so long that people stop listening. That's sort of the road that let me to launching … [Read more]

Why I’m Starting This Before I’m Ready

The first time it was suggested to start before you're ready a door opened for me. Four little words in Do The Work, a brilliant book by Steve Pressfield and everything changed. I had been given permission to do. Without worrying that every little … [Read more]

The Top Ten Signs You’re Digitally Savvy

  The latest research is showing we are spending half our waking hours consuming media, the growth coming from social media and mobile applications. That is a staggering statistic! But just because we’re consuming it, doesn’t mean we’re … [Read more]